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The celebration of a civil marriage consists of a short ceremony, in a solemn place, by which the notary receives the consent of the spouses and, as a public officer, declares them married to each other.  The main advantage and beauty of getting married by a notary is that the celebration doesn’t have to be at the office. 

People wishing to get married must however satisfy different conditions and supply us with some specific documents. 



It is possible for a couple to end their marriage in an amicable way. This practice is becoming more common because it is faster and less expensive. The procedure which allows such a separation is called joint divorce on agreement. Our office can help you with this matter by giving you advice on your rights and obligations. 


We will prepare your joint divorce  agreement for you  will  deposit the said document at the court house, for a judgment to be rendered. 


Whether they are minors or adults with loss of capacity, we will prepare all legal documents to protect your property and rights.



(residential or commercial)


To buy or to sell an immovable property is not an easy decision.   Because it’s a very important step that can lead to heavy consequences, we suggest seeking the advice of an expert. As notaries, we are the recognized experts in the legal filed of Real Estate.

It is false to believe that the notary is only necessary when it’s time to finalize the real estate transaction.

Our experience and knowledge of Real Estate law allows to position ourselves as the ultimate advisor to assist you throughout the whole adventure of buying or selling your property.



As notaries, we are the best professionals to guide and assist the liquidator in the settlement of a succession.

The settlement of an estate is a complex exercise. The law imposes a strict procedure that the liquidator must follow in order to fulfil his obligations. Failing to submit could be damaging for the heirs and the liquidator could be exposing himself to diverse penalties and sanctions.

If you have the responsibility to settle an estate, we will help you make the right decisions at settle the estate for you.



Protect your loved ones as well as your property in the event of death or legal incapacity through our notarial deeds. This way, be certain that your documents will be carefully prepared and contain the essential clauses. As State officials,  notaries are the appointed legal advisors to assist you and prepare your incapacity mandate or your will.  We will adapt your deed to your needs and the reality of your family.



Florida has always been a very popular place for the Quebec Population. FLEURMÉ NOTAIRES offers you the possibility to acquire a property WITHOUT HAVING TO FLY there or with limited travelling.

When doing business with our office, you can sign your deed of sale as well as your deed of loan here, in Quebec, and therefore benefit from saving time and money. Furthermore, FLEURMÉ NOTAIRESworks in association with banks, among which figure the TORONTO - DOMINION BANK, real estate brokers, and lawyers located directly there to offer you the best services, in English as well as in French.



FLEURMÉ NOTAIRES Inc. has more than 18 years of combined experience. We specialize in the areas of real estate, estates and instituting protective supervision; and we processed over 5000 files.



Each and every file is important to us and we take care of them seriously. Our fees are based on our expertise, our experience, our speed of execution and the complexity of the file. We also offer personalized services such as at home, in the hospital or elsewhere as needed.  If you would like to obtain a rate, you can request a quote. We will answer you within 48 working hours.


Transparency and honesty are values that we prioritize. So you can be sure that our advice and services are based on what is best for our customers. Entrust us your transactions with confidence. Fleurmé Notaires will offer you a reliable and efficient service.





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